ML5 Medicals

Please read the following information carefully.

You need an ML5 medical certificate if you are:
  • master of a non-seagoing passenger ship (Class IV or V)
  • master of a commercial non-seagoing vessel
  • master and crew of a small commercial vessel (under 24 metres, carrying no more than 12 passengers, going no more than 60 miles from shore)
  • crew or other employee (like a steward, security guard, caterer) on a domestic seagoing passenger ship (Class VI or VI(A))
Your ML5 medical: what to take with you
  • any medication you are taking
  • any glasses or contact lenses you are using, and spares
  • the name and telephone number of your doctor (general practitioner; GP)
  • any report or letters from your GP, if you have recently been to hospital or under a consultant
  • an official form of ID that has a photo: a passport, a photocard driving licence, an official student pass with photo (for new entrants), a discharge book
Your ML5 medical: outcomes

The doctor will complete your ML5 certificate if:

  • there are no ticks in the 'yes' box (this shows there might be a medical problem)
  • there are no other notes on medical conditions

You can then send this with your application for issue or revalidation of a boatsmaster's licence (BML) or RYA commercial endorsement.

You will not get an ML5 certificate if you are found, during the medical examination, to have any type of condition which may make you unfit for service - and the box is ticked to show this. The completed report and blank certificate will be returned to you.

Payment by card preferred (cash and cheques accepted).
No VAT surcharge.
Invoice can be sent to companies (please supply purchase order).

What happens if your doctor cannot issue your ML5 certificate

If you want to continue with your BML or commercial endorsement application, you will need to complete part D of the ML5 report.

Send or take it to your local MCA marine office or the RYA, depending on which of them is dealing with your application.

This will then be reviewed by an MCA medical assessor. They will issue your ML5 certificate if they find you fit for sea service, but this certificate may be subject to restrictions.

Your ML5 certificate will be sent back to you through the RYA or MCA marine office. They can decide to issue you a restricted RYA endorsement or BML. This can limit your work to certain jobs or locations, or place operational restrictions on your licence.