Privacy Policy

1. What do we collect?

When you make a booking we only collect essential personal information, including name and contact telephone number. An email address may be optionally provided by customers for booking confirmations. We have kept the amount of data to a minimum to ensure as much privacy as possible. This website does not collect any medical data. This website does not collect any financial or credit data.

2. Use of Personal Information

The data we collect is used by our staff to contact you in case of any changes to bookings. We will never pass your data on to third parties.

3. Cookies and Tracking Technologies

The client-facing website does not store any cookies or tracking information.

4. How do we keep your information safe?

The information collected by this website is stored in MongoDB Atlas, for more information see their website.

5. Your Data Protection Rights

You have the right to access, correct, update, port, delete or object to our processing of your Personal Information. You can manage your Personal Information by contacting us.